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How Often Should Your Roof Be Inspected?

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When it comes to housing, many take for granted just how important roof upkeep really is. Although they are incredibly durable, even the sturdiest roof will eventually start to develop ‘cracks’ and require some upkeep. There are plenty of roofing contractors out there that can offer inspections on roofs built from all sorts of materials, from rubber or cedar shingles to metal roofing, but actually establishing a good roof inspection schedule is no small task and can vary from roof to roof, based on a variety of factors. These can range from the roof’s construction materials to its age to the impact of weather.

When it comes to determining just how often you should inspect your roof, there are some factors they should consider when making the decision.

Roofing Materials

When it comes to roofing materials, easily the most common is a shingle layer; these are typically made from asphalt or some type of wood like cedar. However, components can also be made from metal, ceramic tiles, and a variety of others. Keep in mind that this external layer is only one component of a much larger whole; each of these components requires regular maintenance and inspection.

There are the trusses that hold up the roof, which are themselves covered by material sheeting. The shingles themselves rest on an underlay, which acts as a base. Not to mention the gutters that run along the edges of the roof, or potentially features such as skylights; the latter depends on the roof’s building, however. These interrelated parts mean that, while you may be able to spot ‘first-glance’ problems, it’s only through professional inspection that everything can be thoroughly checked and identified.

Inspection Schedules

Naturally, the best time to schedule regular inspections is during the worst season within your climate zone. Some inspectors recommend scheduling inspections just before the harshest weather. Be warned, however, that you aren’t the only one with this idea; these times are generally busier for professionals and will subsequently put a greater dent in your wallet.

Roofing materials still have the biggest impact on scheduling inspections, however. Different materials naturally deteriorate at different rates. As a general rule, roofs shingled with asphalt, composite, or wood should be inspected every one to three years, and depending on the age of the roof, inspections should be more frequent. Comparatively, roofs with ceramic tiles should be inspected every three to five years.

Regular inspections are essential to a healthy roof and a healthy wallet. Always contact a professional if you aren’t confident in maintaining inspections yourself. At Oakwood Roofing, we treat everyone like family. Based in Winnipeg, we are one of Manitoba’s largest roofing contractors. Your home is your greatest asset and with our impeccable workmanship, quality materials, and competitive pricing, you can count on Oakwood to give that asset the protection it deserves. Call 204.237.8361 or visit https://www.oakwoodroofing.com/ to get a free estimate today!


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