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Oakwood Roofing has been installing Cedar Shakes and Shingles for over 30 years. We have sourced a long-standing, family-run, Cedar Shake/Shingle mill in British Columbia, with licensing to retrieve Old Growth, fallen trees, allowing the Mill to provide the best quality, old-growth Cedar shakes and shingles available. Cedar roofing shingles and shakes are an environmentally friendly and renewable resource.


Western Red Cedar and other species in British Columbia’s forests are harvested under a sustained yield policy, which guarantees forest regeneration and biological diversity. Shake and Shingle production, which is virtually pollution-free, is a secondary operation utilizing waste residuals from British Columbia’s main logging and sawmilling industry.  

Wood shingle and shakes offer a natural look with a lot of character. Because of variations like colour, width & thickness no two Cedar roofs will ever be exactly the same.


Wood offers some energy benefits as well. They help to insulate the attic and allow the house to breathe, circulating air through the small openings under the felt rows on which the Cedar is laid.

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Going Green

Going Green

For more than 35 years Oakwood Roofing has been leading the industry in its application of the newest techniques and materials available on the market. With the growing trend, and need for environmentally friendly, recycled and reused materials, Oakwood is again staying at the front of the pack by offering the most advanced products for installing a green roof.

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