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Commercial Roofing: Types of Roofs & Services We Offer

Commercial Roofing in Winnipeg

Types of Roofs

When it comes to commercial roofing, the roofing system you use should be developed along the lines of your personal needs so as to maximize efficiency. It really depends on the commercial roofing configurations in Winnipeg; this varies depending on roof type, building materials, and building designs.

By identifying the system that works best for your property, you can ensure you get a reliable roof. Commercial roofing typically consists of the following:

  • Roof membrane

  • Flashing

  • Decking

  • Insulation, both above and below the deck

  • Masonry parapets

  • Penetrations like pipes, vents, and more

  • HVAC systems

  • Traffic walkways

Roofing Maintenance

As with residential roofs, commercial roofing requires regular maintenance schedules. Even if you rely on a warranty to protect your roof, it’s still a good idea to set up routine inspections to make sure everything’s alright; in some cases, warranties even become void if inspections aren’t routinely done. Naturally, the price of inspection and maintenance is relative to the costs of having no inspections and can extend well beyond the repair price because of the following:

  • Loss of heat

  • Leakage

  • Weak structural integrity

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Cost of damage to inventory

  • Cost of business interruption

Services We Offer

At Oakwood Roofing, we specialize in commercial roofing, no matter the size and scope of the project. We’re COR certified, with safety for both our customers and our employees being our top priority. We service throughout the territories, across the prairies, and even northwestern Ontario. No job is too big or complicated for our experts.

Oakwood Roofing also provides additional commercial roofing services, such as:

  • Infrared scans – roof and wall

  • Roof reports and assessments

  • Budget pricing for new and re-roof projects

  • Metal roofing and cladding

  • Custom-built maintenance programs

  • No obligation free estimates

At Oakwood Roofing, we treat everyone like family. Based in Winnipeg, we are one of Manitoba’s largest roofing contractors. Your business is one of your greatest assets and with our impeccable workmanship, quality materials, and competitive pricing, you can count on Oakwood to give that asset the protection it deserves. Call 204.237-8361 or visit our website to find out more about the services we offer or to get a free no-obligation estimate.


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