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Four Things You Need To Consider When Looking Into A Residential Roofing Company

If you’re looking to hire a residential roofing company for your residential or commercial property, there are certain factors that should be taken quite seriously. Your home or business’s roof repairs or replacement is not only a significant investment but also a crucial one to ensure the protection of your family and belongings or staff and customers. It must be built to be sturdy, durable and effective, however, not all roofing contractors can do a proper job.

What should you be looking for in a roofing company? Check out the four factors from Oakwood Roofing below.

1. The Reputation

When looking at roofing companies in Winnipeg, you should always consider the reputations. Determining the reputation of the roofing contractors by examining their websites via images of other properties they’re constructed. You can also verify the reputation by asking colleagues, friends or family to see if they’ve used the roofing company before for a project and whether the results met their standards.

The experience of the roofing company is important, but so is the reputation to determine whether the roofing contractors are trustworthy, hardworking and deliver high-quality results. A reliable roofing company will not only have an accessible brick-and-mortar office for you to visit, but also a phone number, email, and the addresses for all locations.

2. Estimates

Any reputable roofing company will offer an estimate, which should be free for the client to have an idea of the approximate cost of your roof repair or replacement. . It will also determine which work needs to be done and the job specifications required along with material costs and labor. You should get this estimate in writing including all of the necessary details to ensure your investment.

3. Contractor’s License and Insurance

Any reliable and responsible roofing company should have liability insurance which is for accidental property damage, and worker’s compensation which covers bodily injury. Verifiable roofing contractors that are proud of their work will gladly provide or have the information easily accessible to verify.

4. Communication

Having a hard to reach a roofing contractor will not only irritate you, but likely have you regretting hiring them in the first place. Roofing contractors that seem disinterested, unenthused or plain lazy by neglecting to return your calls, get back to you with an estimate or keep you in the loop on the repairs is not worth pursuing. Ensure the roofing company you’re looking to hire has an accessible phone number, that the contractors are friendly and informative and get back to you with prompt replies.

Oakwood Roofing is committed to safe, efficient and effective roof repairs, maintenance or replacement on every project we take on. Our roofing contractors undergo thorough safety training and possess the necessary knowledge to perform roofing services that exceed the expectations of our clients. Contact us for a FREE estimate regarding your residential or commercial roofing project today.


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