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Preventing Ice Dams on Low-Sloped Roofs

Roofing Winnipeg

You may run into many issues this winter when it comes to your roof, and these aren't typically things you would hear about. Many roofs that lay on a slope are prone to making ice dams, which can be dangerous. Ice dams can also cause damage to certain areas of your roof. They are things that block water from draining and allow water to pile up; this can become a serious issue. The only concern on your mind for winter may have been making sure that you keep

yourself warm, but it is also your job to keep your home safe.

You may be wondering how ice dams are formed. They start when snow begins to melt and it can appear in your drains or at the edge of your roof. When snow consciously melts and freezes, this will cause large blocks of ice to be created. This is dangerous and should be dealt with right away, especially if you have kids. Ice dams can affect the heating system in your home and could leave you freezing the whole winter. If you want to prevent ice dams from being created on your roof, you will follow a few simple steps.

Make sure you remove the snow off your roof; this can be done using a long broom or brush. You want to avoid climbing a ladder to your roof; this can be dangerous, especially if the ground is slippery. You may want to call professional snow removers to remove the snow off of your roof. Make sure your attic is fully insulated; this will stop heat from escaping your home and will keep you and your family warm. Make sure to have roof inspections done; this will help detect issues with your roof.

There are many ways you can prevent your home from being damaged this winter, especially when it comes to making sure that you are safe from the cold. When you take the responsibility of maintaining your roof, you are saving money and time. If you are looking for roofing contractors or commercial roofing in Winnipeg, contact Oakwood Roofing.


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