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How To Keep Your Commercial Roof Cool During The Summer

Commercial Roofing Contractor Winnipeg

Hot summer temperatures can affect a commercial roofing system, and contrary to what most building owners think, blasting the AC will not solve this problem. When the sun is shining, roofs will absorb heat and will then radiate it throughout the building. Essentially, roofs are heat magnets, but there are things you can do to help keep your commercial roof cool during the summer, including the following:

Be Mindful Of The Colour

The colour of a roof will make a difference when it comes to heat, and darker colours absorb a lot more heat when compared to lighter colours, which reflect heat.

Make Sure You Have Proper Insulation

This will act as a shield and will prevent heat leakage during the hot summer months. The absence of this component will cause heat to radiate throughout your building, so the presence of insulation is a must.

Consider The Pitch Of Your Roof

A pitched roof will receive less direct sunlight, so your building will remain cooler, whereas lower sloped roofs and flat roofs will absorb all of the UV rays the sun radiates.

Apply A Reflective Roof Coating

This is an effective solution that will help reflect UV rays. Additionally, the thermal remittance from the coating will help repel the rays that are absorbed back from the building, so there are a number of benefits to this option.

Install Roof Ventilation

This will help with a number of purposes and will get the warm air out of your roofing system, which will reduce the humidity that accumulates in your roof. Vents will also help improve your air quality, which is extremely important for you and your employees and will help circulate fresh air during the summer months so that the inside of your building does not feel stuffy.

Consider Repairs And Restoration

A roof is one of the most important components of a building, so it needs to be in perfect condition. Investing in repairs and restoration is a must because holes, punctures and age are all signs of damage and can lead to dangerous and costly consequences. Repairing your roof will decrease your energy bills and will improve the structure of your building and your roof will remain cool during the summer months.

Plant Trees Around Your Building

This will help create shade for your roof and will also help you save money on cooling costs. The trees will help reduce UV ray exposure, so your building will remain cool.

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