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Three Essential Tips To Follow For Hiring A Contractor

Roofing Contractors Winnipeg

Ready to remodel or just do a few renovations on your home? When searching for a qualified roofing contractors, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Narrowing down possible contractor candidates is nearly impossible when you aren’t sure of what to be looking for. Oakwood Roofing is here to relieve you of those worries by simplifying the search and compiling the essential contractor hiring tips into our straightforward guide below.

1. Do A Thorough Background Check

You should always do a thorough background check on any contractors you’re hiring to work on your home or commercial property. Even if the company has been recommended to you by a friend or relative, it’s important to ensure the company’s credentials for your own sake. Ask for the full name of the company, their address and phone number and check to see if the company has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

For insurance coverage, customers can ask the company for a copy of their certificate of insurance. You should also verify that their current policy numbers are up to date and applicable.

2. Investigate Work History and Habits

Certain contractors and contracting companies specialize in certain improvements; for example, they may focus primarily on residential and exclude any commercial renovations. It’s imperative to do your research to ensure the contractor you’re hiring offers the services you’re looking for to complete your project. Take the time to navigate through the company’s past renovations and remodels, browse their website to ensure they offer the services you’re looking for. Call the contractors to inquire about services and keep a note of their timeliness, professionalism and whether any scheduled meeting and appointment times are being kept. If you visit the contractor’s office, reflect on the cleanliness and care of the space as it may reflect on their quality of work.

3. Find Out What You’ll Be Paying

Most contracting companies will have a free estimate or quote, which can give you an idea of how much you’ll be paying overall and whether the project amount is in your price range. There may be a “scope of work proposal,” which estimates the price down to line-item costs for material, any labour, fees, etc. It may also include information on specific tasks the project will require, including installations, clean-up and demolition, along with the equipment required for these tasks. The proposal fee often goes towards the overall cost of the project once the bid is approved. There may be a fixed bid or a bid that includes a “cost-plus,” which charges for the labour, materials and any overhead costs.

Oakwood Roofing contractors in Winnipeg specialize in both residential and commercial roofing remodels and repairs. Since 1977, our roofing contractors have earned an honourable reputation for our workmanship, professionalism, fair prices and efficiency. We ensure each roof we work on is durable and can withstand Manitoba weather conditions. Contact us for an estimate on your next roofing project whether on your home or commercial property today at https://www.oakwoodroofing.com/.


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