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COMMERCIAL roof Maintenance

Annual maintenance is a key factor to extending the life expectancy of your roof. 

Proper maintenance can increase the life expectancy of your roof up to 50%

what can cause a leak?

Flat roof annual maintenance program

Keep your roof lasting longer 

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Program can include: 

  • Annual inspection & report 

  • Light maintenance repairs 

  • Yearly snow removal 

  • Annual fall clean-up 

  • Drain clearing 

looking for maintenance on your home? 

  • How often should I have someone do an inspection on my roof?
    It is recommended that your roof should be inspected at a minimum every year. The larger and/or older roofs, we recommend an inspection in the spring to address issues that arose during the winter months and another visit at the beginning of fall to prepare problematic areas for the upcoming winter. Some larger buildings may need a winter check up as well to ensure snow accumulation doesn’t get to hazardous levels covering the vents, drains, gas lines and mechanical equipment. Annual inspections will prevent future leaking, and ensure your roof will stay in good shape. On average, a flat roof will last 20-25 years. With proper care and routine maintenance your roof could last 30+ years.
  • Will routine Maintenance save me money?
    Yes! Annual maintenance will reduce the risk of leaking. Leaking will cause costly building and asset damage and can be an inconvenience to the occupants. Annual maintenance is a great way to be pro-active when it comes to the integrity of your roof. Leaks are unexpected but with routine maintenance we can monitor the conditions of the roof throughout the year which in turn allows you to fix a concerning area before the roof is compromised and the damage is done. Routine maintenance will increase the value and life expectancy of your roof system thereby allowing you to re-invest in your business or keep the savings in your bank.
  • I hired someone to fix a leak, and it is still leaking. What do i do?
    If you have trust in this contractor, call them back. Leaking is a common issue with all roof types. If you called a contractor and they repaired an area, there will never be a 100% guarantee that this repair has fixed your problem entirely. Flat roofs are complicated in a way, there are many layers and components. A leak can be caused by the smallest of openings and due to the number of the layers of a roof system and building structure, the water may be entering the roof system 20 feet away from where you see dripping or stained tiles inside.
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