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Oakwood Roofing offers several choices in rubber and composite roofing materials. Enviroshake is the only composite on the market to truly replicate the authentic look of natural #1 grade taper-split cedar shakes. The 8 profiles that the Enviroshake comes in are made from the 3D images of real cedar shakes, to ensure the wood grains, thickness, and sizes are all true to nature. Enviroshake is pleased to offer various color options to emulate a natural cedar roof in various stages of its life.



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Enviroshake products have been carefully engineered to provide the highest level of impact resistance, and have a Level 4 UL 2218 rating. As a polymer-based product, impact modifiers are used in our formulation to enhance the durability of the product. As a testament to our durability, Enviroshake products can even withstand being installed at -20 C even with the use of a nail gun! No other product on the market can claim that.


1.           Aesthetics

  • our unique formulation -as we are a reinforced polymer-supported with elastomers and cellulose fibre- and manufacturing process gives our products a more natural less manufactured/ look than other synthetics which are purely polymers. 


2.            Performance

  • Wind Resistance, Enviroshake products can withstand winds up to 290 km/h, all other polymers including can only withstand winds to 177 km/h - a significant difference. Many even have addendum’s in their warranty where the warranty is void if the roof is exposed to winds over 144 km/h in its life ever!

  • Durability- Enviroshake products use impact modifiers which give us significantly enhanced durability. See below for what this means!

  • Cold Weather – Many competitors’ warranty becomes void if the product is installed at -6C or lower, this is because the product is a pure polymer that cracks in cold weather. Enviroshake, because it is is reinforced can be installed –even using a nail gun- down to -20C! Why does this matter? If a roof cannot take impact (i.e. A nail) at -6C what will happen to it in cold weather if there is a heavy snow load on the roof, a tree branch falls on it, you need to walk on it, or hail hits it? It will crack.


3.            Longevity

  • Enviroshake has been in business since 1998, with over 20 years of experience and installations 

  • We have done extensive third-party weathering testing to show that our products can last a minimum of 50 years

  • We use a best in class UV stability and HALS technology package with ensures our product does not degrade from exposure to UV

  • We have been used on numerous notable provincial, municipal, state park, historic, and commercial and resort projects around the world due to our superior product longevity/performance and aesthetics.


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Rubber roofing products such as the Euroshield product line, offer a roofing solution that performs exceptionally well, is lightweight and maintenance-free. 


They are Eco-Friendly Green Roofing products, made from up to 95% recycled materials, the primary ingredient being recycled car tires. As you might expect with a roof made of rubber, impact damage, such as one would expect from large hail is of no concern to those who own a Euroshield® roof. It simply just bounces off. 


Euroshield® manufactures 5 eco-friendly roofing profiles; Heritage Slate, Harvest Shake, Beaumont Shake, Rundle Slate, and EuroShake. Each product offers the look and colour that closely mimics the wood and stone products its designed after, minus the potential of rotting, cracking and warping.

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Going Green

We are members in good standing with the following Associations:

For more than 35 years Oakwood Roofing has been leading the industry in its application of the newest techniques and materials available on the market. With the growing trend, and need for environmentally friendly, recycled and reused materials, Oakwood is again staying at the front of the pack by offering the most advanced products for installing a green roof.

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